We offer several services for finding that special book.

First, we can add your request to our computer system, and if the requested book comes in on trade, we'll contact you to see if you still want the book.

If you have a customer card with us, and have left your email address, you can actually do this yourself on our website.  Just click the "My Wants" in the navigation section to the left, and set yourself up with a password.  You can see what books you have asked us to notify you about, maintain that list, see what books you have purchased, and how many available rewards points you have!

Second, we can check to see if the book is still available new from our wholesaler.  We sell most special-order new books for the US cover price. For books that are still in-print, it is almost always less expensive to order a new book than have a used copy shipped to us (because of the shipping cost)! (There is no shipping cost for new books from our wholesaler).

Third, we can bring in a used book if the book is out of print.  We check several sources, including a network of used book stores that we communicate with regularly, and we will get the best price we can. A used book will always cost you $10-12 for shipping (that's our cost), plus our cost for the book, plus a $5.00 search fee.  We only order books in "very good" condition or better, and we don't order from the "bulk listing" companies unless the book is unavailable elsewhere.

We'll always add your name for a requested book, but if you would like us to check the price of it both new and to bring one in used, make sure to note that in your request.