As a locally-owned business, we support other locally-owned business.  One of the ways we do this is by carrying books from local authors on a consignment basis, and hosting local authors for book signings in our store

How Do I Arrange A Book Signing At Your Store?

If you are a local author and would like to have a signing of your book at our store, we'd love to help!

Here are some guidelines for book signings, which will help everyone have a successful experience.

What will the store provide?

We will provide a place for you (and one other person, if you wish), to set up a display of your book(s), meet readers, and sign copies of your book.

Will you promote my book?

We will promote your book, and the signing, on our website for the 2-3 weeks before the signing; we will feature it in our email newsletter that goes out in the week or two before the signing, and we will post a few in-store signs for the weeks preceding the event.  We do not set up newspaper articles, do newspaper, radio, or media advertising for either your book or the signing. 

How do I promote my book and the signing?

The most successful book signings have been those where the author promoted the event through word of mouth to friends and family, through their own website, and through social media.

What Is The Best Time For a Book Signing?

Generally speaking, we host signings only on Saturdays, which is the busiest day of the week.  The prime times for a signing are 10am-noon, or 1pm-3pm.   If traffic is good, you are welcome to stay past the stated ending time - the times are just guidelines.

What can I expect?

We have had signings where the author sold over 50 copies of their book, and others where only 1 or 2 books were sold.  Much of the success depends on how much promotion the author does directly.  We will provide the space for the signings, and we do the promotion we mentioned above, but the bulk of the work rests with the author.  Having people coming in looking specifically for you creates a little "buzz" in the store during the event, and that will attract others to come over and see what the excitement is.

Can I approach customers in the store inviting them over to the table?

No.  Signings are a passive event - with inviting signage, and a buzz around the table, those customers who are interested will wander over.