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My Chains Fell Off

By: N/A

Price: $30.00

Publisher: Carlton Press: 1966

Seller ID: 0073959

Condition: Good

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Good News New Testament

By: N/A

Price: $4.00

Publisher: ABS: 1977

Seller ID: 0074122

Condition: Good

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New International Version of The Holy Bible

By: N/A

Price: $7.99

Publisher: Zondervan Bible Pub: 1984

Seller ID: 0124549

Condition: Good

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By: N/A

Price: $8.00

Publisher: HarperOne: 1989

Seller ID: 0142705

Condition: Good

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How To Understand Your Bible

By: Alan Stibbs

Price: $4.00

Publisher: Harold Shaw: 1976

Seller ID: 0074113

ISBN: 0877883653

Condition: Good

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Image for Do Hard Things

Do Hard Things

By: Alex & Brett Harris

Price: $7.99

Publisher: Multnomah: 2013

Seller ID: 0136617

ISBN: 1601421125

Condition: Very good

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Cruden's Complete Concordance

By: Alexander Cruden

Price: $7.99

Publisher: Spire: 1968

Seller ID: 0073999

Condition: Good

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A Lantern At The Gate

By: Alvin Armstrong

Price: $7.99

Publisher: Blenheim News-Tribune: 1986

Seller ID: 0042707

ISBN: 0969245211

Condition: Good

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Image for Goodbye Is Not Forever

Goodbye Is Not Forever

By: Amy George

Price: $7.99

Publisher: Harvest House: 1994

Seller ID: 0036477

ISBN: 1565072952

Condition: Good

Little Amy never knew her father. One dark night, when she was only a baby, the Soviet secret police forcefully arrested Amy's father...and condemned him to the frigid wastelands of Siberia.Then as World War II began, the armies of the Third Reich invaded her small Russian village. Amy, a tender seven-year-old child, was taken by cattle car to a slave labor camp and witnessed firsthand the horrors of Hitler's Germany.As the war ends, Amy and her mother make a daring escape, with execution the likely verdict if they are captured. Over the years Amy wondered about her father. Was he sti... View more info

Image for Mended: Pieces Of A Life Made Whole

Mended: Pieces Of A Life Made Whole

By: Angie Smith

Price: $8.00

Publisher: B&H: 2012

Seller ID: 0094395

ISBN: 1433676605

Condition: Good

We love to cheer for the underdog and believe to our core that every life makes a difference. And we are right. There is no one God can't use and no one whose brokenness is too broken for God. We know this is true for our friends when we want to encourage them. Yet, when it comes to the places of our innermost sense of shame and regret, we often wonder if it is really true that God can work all things together for good for those who love Him. Angie Smith is one who was quick to encourage a friend, but struggled to believe that God could truly make something spectacular out of her broken- n... View more info

Amazing Grace

By: Anita Bryant

Price: $4.00

Publisher: Spire: 1971

Seller ID: 0086492

ISBN: 0800781481

Condition: Very good

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Image for Sweet Voices Of Angels

Sweet Voices Of Angels

By: Annette Smith

Price: $7.99

Publisher: Harvest House: 2002

Seller ID: 0123401

ISBN: 0736928677

Condition: Very good

Annette Smith's popular story collection is given new wings with a new title and cover. This beautifully crafted gathering of true tales provides touching, heavenly insights about kindness, courage, love, and faith . The wonders of life are celebrated as interesting stories highlight extraordinary experiences of ordinary people such as...The deacons of a small church who find a long-hidden "surprise" from one of the membersThe teacher who has to explain to her grade-school students why a "bad word" isn't badThe nurse who, while caring for an elderly patient, experi... View more info

United We Stand - A History Of Oneness Organizations (Jubilee Edition)

By: Arthur L & Charles E Clanton

Price: $25.00

Publisher: Word Aflame Press: 1995

Seller ID: 0059121

ISBN: 1567221343

Condition: Very good

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Image for Behind The Veils Of Yemen

Behind The Veils Of Yemen

By: Audra Grace Shelby

Price: $7.00

Publisher: Chosen: 2011

Seller ID: 0142260

ISBN: 0800795180

Condition: Good

An Insider's Compelling View of Life in a Muslim Country When Audra Grace Shelby and her husband felt God calling them to minister in the Middle East, she was fearful--how would she raise her children in the heart of conservative Islam? Armed with prayers and a faith that always seemed too small, the family made the move to Yemen, enduring deadly illness, uncertainty, and the unnerving experience of being Christians in an Islamic culture. Yet God was at work, and Audra was invited to see what few Christian women have seen: behind the veils of Muslim women. Here she shares about the... View more info

Image for Models Of The Church

Models Of The Church

By: Avery Cardinal Dulles

Price: $9.98

Publisher: Image: 1978

Seller ID: 0055052

ISBN: 0385133685

Condition: Very good

There is today a dramatic reexamination of structure, authority, dogma -- indeed, every aspect of the life of the Church is held up to scrutiny. Welcoming this as a sign of vitality, Avery Dulles has carefully studied the writings of contemporary Protestant and Catholic ecclesiologists and sifted out six major approaches, or "models," through which the Church's character can be understood: as Institution, Mystical Communion, Sacrament, Herald, Servant, and, in a recent addition to the book, as Community of Disciples. A balanced theology, he concludes, must incorporate the major affirmations... View more info

Image for Lord  Please Meet Me In The Laundry Room

Lord Please Meet Me In The Laundry Room

By: Barbara Curtis

Price: $7.99

Publisher: Beacon Hill: 2004

Seller ID: 0104300

ISBN: 0834120976

Condition: Good

'Seeking God in the journey of motherhood is what Barbara Curtis is all about. You will be challenged and inspired by her story of redemption that carried her from her abandonment as a child to radical feminism to her current life as the Christian mother of 12.'--Barbara Rainey, author and wife of Dennis Rainey, mother of six and grandmother of 5.Is your time with the Lord sometimes elbowed out by the demands of your family? Lord, Please Meet Me in the Laundry Room will help you find spiritual significance in the everyday world of a workaday mom. You will be unburdened, enlightened, and encour... View more info

Image for Reasons For My Hope

Reasons For My Hope

By: Benno Van Den Toren

Price: $7.99

Publisher: Monarch Books: 2010

Seller ID: 0133475

ISBN: 1854248634

Condition: Good

What do you say when a friend asks you a tough question? "My aim is to help Christians explain their faith to their non-Christian friends, and to answer the questions that arise," explains Benno van den Toren. "This book focuses on understanding the objections that are often raised in such conversations. The main thing is not to have a battery of the right answers, but rather to develop the right attitude: a genuine interest in everyone we meet." This book was first published in the Netherlands, where it has been widely used, particularly in the training of Alpha Course leaders. View more info

Image for The Joy Of Marriage God's Way

The Joy Of Marriage God's Way

By: Beverly LaHaye

Price: $7.99

Publisher: Integrity Publishers: 2003

Seller ID: 0135011

ISBN: 159145056X

Condition: Good

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Image for Mountain In My Rearview Mirror

Mountain In My Rearview Mirror

By: Bill Butterworth

Price: $7.99

Publisher: Tyndale: 2008

Seller ID: 0108107

ISBN: 1414315678

Condition: Very good

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Image for Singing the Songs Of The Brokenhearted

Singing the Songs Of The Brokenhearted

By: Bill Crowder

Price: $7.99

Publisher: Discovery House: 2009

Seller ID: 0118898

ISBN: 1572932740

Condition: Very good

Nowhere are the personal depths of grief and the cry of the broken heart more clearly revealed than in the Psalms. Through their honest, gut-level responses to their real-life circumstances, the psalmists show joy, anger, bitterness, guilt, resentment, vindictiveness, and most of the other emotions all of us feel at some time in our lives. In looking carefully at Psalms 6, 12, 13, 22, 32, 39, 42, 56, 69, and 73, the author explains how they reveal the truth about our own grief, despair, defeat, guilt, fear, desperation, hate, stress, unfairness, and sin. "The Lord is near to the brokenheart... View more info